I first met Kevin on a plane from NY to Miami. At the time I was going through a lot. My son was in and out of rehabs, was only 21 and I didn't know what to do with him. We began talking and the topic of addiction was brought up. I explained that my son Trevor has been stuck in a destructive cycle with opiates for the past 3 years. Kevin began talking to me about his experience with recovery and steps that were taken to get through hard times. By the end of the flight we had gotten Trevor back on the right track. Kevin took him under his wing and helped get my son back to good health. Trevor just celebrated his 2 years sober last week and we all could not be happier. Thank you Kevin for always being there. -  Christina A.  'New York'

Kevin's extensive knowledge on addiction and how it effects the mind and body often amazes me. It feels like I am speaking with another colleague. His expertise with the patients we have worked with together has played into a tremendous success. I hope anyone struggling with addiction or depression has the opportunity of meeting him. Dr. Goldman 'New York'

I was really at a crossroads when I met Kevin. I was 41 years old, had never attempted sobriety in my life, and was drinking since I was 15. My life seemed ok from the outside. I was able to climb up the corporate ladder in active alcoholism and hide it from my work and family. I was not able to go away to rehab because of my schedule with work and family. A close buddy had recommended I see Kevin for guidance on how to get sober. After our initial meeting I was fully convinced that I had to give sobriety an honest shot. Kevin and I came up with a plan to insure my success in sobriety, then we tackled it. Day by day, month after month I began to get some time under my belt. By month four I had finally completed my treatment with Kevin, and was ready to use the tools I learned a long the way. I am proud to say today I have 2 1/2 years sober and have not drank once since the day Kevin and I met. Jonathan G. 'New York'

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