Often times an individual trying to get sober will have little to no direction on how to address the issue they’re faced with. This is their first time attempting to quit substances which have put them in horrible situations. They certainty did not predict to be this deep in darkness when they began. Facing life with a newly sober mind can be very stressful and overwhelming. When commencing treatment with The Sober Coach, Kevin will use his years of experience to help create a personalized treatment plan specific to each client. Each individual will be set up with top psychiatrists, therapists, and rehabilitation centers as needed for their recovery. Other spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of recovery will be incorporated into the treatment plan to ensure a happy, healthy and sober lifestyle. Kevin is there every step of the way so that there is always someone they can turn to for guidance and be pointed in the right direction without getting overwhelmed and feeling like its necessary to resort back to a substance to help get out of themselves. Tools that are often used include therapy, support and spiritual groups, yoga, meditation, physical activities and more. 

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