We at The Sober Coach know that recovery doesn’t just happen overnight. Recovery is a lifelong journey to health and wellbeing. Our coaches will work with you to develop a recovery plan best suited to your needs. Coaches provide expertise, guidance, skills and their own success in recovery. We’ve been in your shoes and we’re here to help you transform into a better YOU. 

Our Mission

To provide a safe open space for clients to share their truths and discover a life beyond their wildest dreams through self awareness and sobriety.

Sober Coaches 

Sober coaches, also called recovery coaches, offer experienced support in the early stages of recovery and are meant for those who do not require 24/7 companionship or intensive care. One-on-one, they help individuals adjust to a healthy lifestyle that is fulfilling and free of addiction with an individualized and collaborative recovery care plan that can be accomplished via phone, online or onsite. The frequency of sessions will vary depending on individual needs.

Specifically sober coaches help identify and address potential challenges in early recovery and help individuals to set short- and long-term recovery goals to support sustainable success. They do this through a combination of mentoring, education, relationship building and problem solving techniques as well as by identifying resources and activities that promote health and wellbeing. 

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